use code "kindredlove" to save 15% on your newest editing obsession!


use code "kindredlove" to save 15% on your newest editing obsession!


use code "kindredlove" to save 15% on your newest editing obsession!


use code "kindredlove" to save 15% on your newest editing obsession!

Installation + Downloads

Yes! Just send us a message and include any information that will help us locate your order, such as any emails it could be under, your name, etc. Once we've verified your purchase, we will send you a fresh copy of your presets.

We recommend you back up your presets to a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive so if you lose them again in the future, you don't have to wait on our team to get back to you!

I lost my presets! Can I get a redownload?

First things first, make sure you have a RAW file already imported in your Lightroom catalog. Oftentimes, the profile will not appear in your Lightroom unless a RAW file is already present. Then, be sure you are installing the profile correctly by watching the installation video that is included in your preset download. You'll find the link inside the PDF that's inside your ZIP folder!

If you still aren't able to get the profile installed, send our team a message, and we will help you out! (Tip: For the fastest resolution to your issue, record a video of your screen with Loom or QuickTime walking us through how you are installing the profile and what is happening, then include the link to the video in your message!)

I'm having trouble installing the profile in my Lightroom.

Totally! Just send us an email, then we will verify your previous purchase and send you the update!

I think I missed a preset update. Can i still get that?

Editing tips

First things first, be sure to adjust the temperature and tint in the white balance section. If the preset you're using has a profile element, you can also try reducing the strength of the profile that is being applied. You can do this with the slider in the top righthand corner of Lightroom.

My image is looking pink. Any tips?

Always begin by adjusting the exposure for your image. From there, try adjusting the highlights & whites in the basic panel. You can also try pulling down the contrast if the highlights are too "hot." If it's still brighter than you'd like, head to the Tone Curve panel and adjust the Lights in there.

The whites in my image are really bright.

Skin tones can definitely be tricky sometimes! We'll be honest with you—the light you choose when shooting is going to have the biggest impact on how the skin tones look in your image. You can absolutely fix many skin tone issues while editing in Lightroom, but choosing great light is going to be your best bet for gorgeous skin tones, regardless of what tool you use to edit with! If you are looking for help with getting great skin tones in-camera, Jennefer, the creator of Kindred Presets, has a free 2-hour training you can access here!

When in Lightroom, we recommend you first start by adjusting your exposure and white balance. Once you get those as close as you can to your goal edit, we recommend playing around in the HSL panel (typically, the orange or red slider will be where you'll start!), as well as the Calibration panel. From there, make adjustments in the basic panel, like your shadows and highlights, then finish off by playing with color grading.

I can't quite get the skin tones right.

Best Practices

Though our very first preset was made using Canon DSLR files, we have tested over 150,000 images from ALL camera makes and models. Our presets are designed to provide a great starting point for users, regardless of the camera body they're using. No preset is ever one click, and some camera files will require more tweaks than others. If you ever want to see how a preset works on your images specifically, feel free to submit a request to our free image testing service!

What cameras work best with Kindred presets?

The best practice is to expose properly for your subject's skin, then alter the preset as needed when editing. Kindred can handle most anything you throw at it but it really shines with properly to slightly underexposed images. We recommend using the histogram in both your camera and Lightroom to ensure you're properly exposing! Watch our tutorial on the histogram here.

Is it better to under or over expose in-camera for kindred?

We are big fans of Auto White Balance over here! You can absolutely still use Kelvin if that's what you're most comfortable with, but we like making life easier and using AWB instead. You can learn more about why we choose AWB here!

Should I shoot with Auto white balance or kelvin?

We strongly recommend you shoot in RAW! A RAW file retains so much more information than a JPG, giving you a lot more control when editing. Our presets have been designed to work on RAW photos, so that is how they will perform best. However, if you are a JPG shooter, you can still use Kindred Presets. You'll likely need to make tweaks such as bringing the contrast down and toning down some of the colors. Watch our video that compares RAW vs. JPG files here and here!

Should I shoot in RAW or JPG?


Due to the nature of digital products, we are unable to offer a refund on purchases of the Kindred Presets. You can utilize our testing service if you wish to see how your images look with Kindred applied and if you are unhappy with your purchase, please reach out to us or to our community on Facebook, many times, your issues can be solved with some tweaking and learning of the preset. We are here to help you succeed and would love to be of service! 

Do you offer refunds?

Kindred was the first preset company to offer a free image testing service! Simply complete this form, then our team will record a video of our screen as we show you how we would edit your images with the tool of your choice.

Can I try the presets before I purchase?

With a Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you'll be able to sync your desktop presets to your Lightroom Mobile app. There are many helpful resources available online that can help you do this! However, we do not offer support on syncing your desktop presets to your your mobile app.'re on your own kid, you always have been ;)

Can these presets be used with Lightroom mobile?


Make sure that you already have RAW photos imported into your Lightroom catalog. While this won't be necessary with every preset, some profile-based presets will only appear in your Lightroom when a RAW photo is available in the catalog. If you've done this already and you still don't see your presets or profiles in Lightroom, send us an email and we will help ya out!

Lightroom says my preset/profile is already installed, but I don't see it.

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