If you were a flower, you’d be a damn-delion


If you were a flower, you’d be a damn-delion

Feather and Twine

Are you are worried about investing MORE of your money into presets that you end up moving on from? Or maybe you're hoping that this time, all of your editing dreams will come true? Well we're are so happy to offer a way to try the presets before you buy them!

Kindred Presets was one of the first preset companies to offer an image testing service to our customers so that they can see exactly how their work will look with any of our tools. 

Use the form below to submit your RAW files for our testing service. Please follow all of the instructions below so your request is not removed from the queue! 


kindred presets

Just a heads up—if the form isn't filled out correctly, we can't download your images because of a password that's not included, the link expired, etc., our team will skip over your test edit with no notice. Just be sure to double check that you provided everything we asked for above, and we'll get back to you asap!

Current Estimated turnaround time:

5-7 business days

By submitting your test edit, you give Kindred Presets permission to post your test edit video consult in our Facebook group. Photography credit will be given, we love to brag on you when we can! 

Thank you!

Your image testing request has been received, please allow us time to review your request and add you to our queue. Currently we are completing requests on Tuesday and Thursdays.