If you were a flower, you'd me a damndelion!


if you were a flower,you'd be a damndelion!


if you were a flower, you'd be a damndelion!


if you were a flower, you'd be a damndelion!


The photography preset industry has never attempted what has taken KINDRED x MARY COSTA almost two years to complete. This collaboration is vibrant, punchy, and fun while ensuring that flawless and luminous skin tones remain at the forefront.

If you didn't know Mary Costa before,
we dare you not to fall in love with her
and her work now.

You can now apply Mary's vivid aesthetic to your photos taken anywhere in the world.


Hi, I’m Mary! I’m a Los Angeles-based photographer who specializes in vibrant wedding and commercial imagery. I first moved to California from New Hampshire over a decade ago and have been largely inspired by the color, sunshine, and vast array of gorgeous landscapes on the west coast. I approach photography the same way I approach life: with whimsical enthusiasm, joyous intention, and a dash of spontaneity. When I’m not photographing I can be found at a concert, baking cookies, sipping wine, or on an adventure with my awesome husband, Mike! Kindred embodies delight, kindness, and community - I couldn’t be more excited to call them my partner!

- mary

take a peek
at the magic!


the MARY Costa collection

The Mary Costa Collection is the perfect preset for photographers who love vibrant and punchy color. “The Main Character” embodies the high energy and☀️ spirit of the West Coast. “The Best Friend” bathes images in the soft romantic light of West Coast sunsets in every image 💖 . “Psycho fulfills all of your wildest black and white dreams with strong contrast, punchy whites and the glamour of old an Hollywood film. "The Mary Costa Profile" is the storyline that bonds our cast together with extra support for Mary's favorite contrast levels and color saturation. TEN additional preset adjustment buttons round out the collection with expert precision, problem solving and artistic flourishes. The rotten 🍅 meter is reading at 100%. 

preset details

The FULL collectioN includes


500 Days of Summer
Big Fish
Little Miss Sunshine
Love Actually
Moulin Rouge
Pretty in Pink
Pineapple Express
The Wedding Singer


Due to the digital nature of these products, and as an industry standard, refunds and exchanges are not given. 

This product is compatible with Adobe LR Classic version 10 or higher, LR, CC, and ACR 13 or higher. Profile not compatible with JPEG file, however, all presets adjustments will occur.

The Main Character - Proset
The Best Friend - Proset
Psycho - B&W preset

Looking to take a smaller bite of the collection?
click here to check out our individual tool options.

The main character + The best friend

And as an exclusive item for those who purchase the entire collection, learn how to use the full collection with an in-depth video for you to keep with instructions from Mary herself!

500 Days of Summer - adds a kiss of summertime glow

Big Fish - More yellow, less green 

Enchanted - meant to "enchant". this tool brings the magic to any image!

Emma - More green, less yellow

Little Miss Sunshine - make it all golden baby!

Love Actually - soft and supple, like our love ; )

Moulin Rouge - a red reduction and seduction

Pretty in Pink - peachy pink hues for you and your boo

Pineapple Express - takes away the haze and brightens your days...

Superbad - PUNCHY vibes yo

The Wedding Singer - got the blues? Not with this tool you don't!

Film shooters, these are for you too!
Click here to see how magical they are
when applied to your film scans!

If we said that layering The Main Character and The Best Friend on top of your scans wasn't magical...that would be such a lie!



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THE MARY costa collection

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All images captured with the Canon R6, Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7 IV

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costa collection

All images captured with the Canon R6, Canon 5D Mark IV and Sony A7 IV

"HOT DAMN! This set of Prosets, profiles, presets ...forget all those boring ass tech terms ...just call this set the UNICORN  G O A T ! My gracious, they are everything that I have wanted and so so so easy to use. I just add the main character and follow with a sauce and small tweaks to WB and exposure and I'M DONE. you girls are amazeballs. period."

- pam cooley

"These are my favorite presets to date, it is so well done, I am OBSESSED! Thank you for allowing me to beta test. Can't wait to see the full product."

- ashlee cole

"I love this preset set and feel like it gives LIFE to my images!"

- ashley dahl

"I didn't even hesitate to buy the Mary Costa Collection 🤩 I've been editing with Kindred Essential for YEARS, but instantly fell in love with those bright, punchy colors. 👏 👏"

- becca sue

"They are perfect for that bright, colorful look! Add so much pretty pop 🤩"

- kelsey logsdon

"I AM OBSESSED!!! I've drooled and swooned over Mary Costa's work for YEARS. I immediately went and purchased the whole collection. Playing with them now and finally feeling like my work looks like where I've been trying to get it."

- ali minetree

"SOOOO in love with these presets!! I am still learning to tweak them, but they are the EXACT look I've always wanted! Thank you, so much, Mary Costa + Kindred Presets!"

- greer rivera

"I have been looking for a way to make editing easier, faster, and with more depth and color, and this is 100% it."

- cait kramer

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